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An outline of the events of the service

Sunday Service 12/10/17

  • Band: “He Touched Me”
  • Sis. Cindy Smith: “Let Me Walk With You Jesus”
  • Bro. James Talley
  • Bro. Michael Smith: “He Looked Beyond My Faults”
  • Sis. Vergia Talley
  • Sis. Mildred Crow
  • Sis. Nona Adkins
  • Bro. Steve Wallace
  • Sis. Jenic Matthews
  • Sis. Amber Lacy
  • Sis. Gladys Painter
  • Sis. Debbie Wallace
  • Sis. Cindy Smith: “Peace I Leave With You”
  • Bro. Mick Smith

Sunday Morning Service 12/03/17

  • Band: “Ten Thousand Years”
  • Youth Choir: “I Can Trust Jesus”
  • Sis. Jodi Pryor: “I Lean On You Lord”
  • Sis. Jodi Pryor: “I’m Learning How To Lean”
  • Sis. Nona Atkins
  • Sis. Ann Thompson
  • Sis. Shay
  • Bro. Mick Smith
  • Sis. Jodi Pryor: “Pass Me Not”
  • Bro. Mick Smith

Sunday Services 11/26/17

Bible Study:

  • Bro. Mick Smith

Afternoon Service:

  • Band: “Receive Our Praise”
  • Sis. Cindy Smith: “I Bless Your Name”
  • Bro. James Talley
  • Sis. Cindy Smith: “I Lift My Hands In Honor”
  • Bro. Mick Smith
  • Bro. Andrew Smith: “What A Day That Will Be”
  • Bro. Mick Smith

Sunday Services 11/19/17

Bible Study:

  • Bro. Roy Durham

Afternoon Service:

  • Band: “Let By The Masters Hand”
  • Sis. Jodi Pryor, Sis. Teri Durham, Sis. JoAnn Winingar, Bro. Bret Winingar: “Thanks Thanks I Give You Thanks”
  • Sis. Jodi Pryor: “He Has Made Me Glad”
  • Bro. Phil Fisher
  • Sis. Jodi Pryor: “I Just Can’t Praise Him Enough”
  • Bro. Nathan Painter