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An outline of the events of the service

Sunday Morning Service 02/11/18

  • Band: “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow”
  • Sis. Jodi Pryor: “It’s Me Again Lord”
  • Sis. Jodi Pryor: “It Seems To Me Jesus You’re Getting Sweeter”
  • Sis. Jodi Pryor: “He Is Sweet I Know”
  • Sis. Nona Adkins
  • Bro. Mick Smith
  • Bro. Nathan Painter
  • Sis. Jodi Pryor: “Come On Over To The Winning Side”
  • Bro. Mick Smith
  • Bro. Nathan Painter: “Resting Place Beyond The Veil”
  • Bro. Mick Smith

Sunday Morning Service 01/21/18

  • Band: “Alleluia To The Lamb”
  • Youth Choir: “He’s The Only Reason I Live”
  • Sis. Nona Adkins
  • Sis. Chelsie Fisher
  • Sis. Ann Thompson
  • Sis. Cindy Smith
  • Sis. Linda Alexander: “I’m So Glad That The Lord Saved Me”
  • Bro. Mick Smith
  • Bro. Michael Smith: “The Anchor Holds”
  • Bro. Mick Smith