Catch The Vision

Our Vision

  • Is to effectively build the church through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Desire

  • Is to become his workmanship in such a way that he, through us, would affect our community to establish, maintain and re-gain his righteous principles.

Our Prayer

  • Is to be led by God’s Spirit, so that his will, is accomplished in and through us. We invite you to come, find your place, be a part and lift up the name of Jesus! John 12:32


  • The Lord adds to the church daily such as should be saved, Acts 2:47. We cannot add you to his kingdom. Only he can do that and when he does, it is our responsibility to accept and love you as our brothers and sisters in Christ. You’re part of the family!

Article Of Faith

  • The Holy Bible. We believe that Jesus is the Son of God, sent of God, to reconcile the world to himself.  We come to salvation, through repentance, being water baptized and receiving the Holy Spirit into our lives.  This is the process of being born again, Acts 2:38 and John 3:3.  We are to grow and develop in him, into maturity, Eph 4:15.


  • We are actively participating and in fellowship with the body of Christ churches throughout the United States and abroad. We are members in particular and believe that God’s people are to be one body, one faith and one spirit, Eph 4:1-32 and John 17:1-26.

We are a growing church here in Little Rock, Arkansas.  We have a wonderful staff of ministers and saints who are working together to meet the spiritual needs of our community. We feel a great burden for our youth.  Therefore, we are praying for and working to develop a Youth Ministry for the youth in our community. They must find the peace, purpose and fulfillment in life that God intends for them to have. They are the church of tomorrow and we feel the sincere responsibility to assist them to answer their call to spiritual Leadership!

Catch the Vision!

First Gospel Church

Sr. Pastor Mick Smith